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Bradenton Property Management

Protect, Maintain and Grow your Bradenton Property Investment

Benefits of our Bradenton property management services include:

  • Expert Market Analysis
  • Strategic Marketing Tactics
  • Thorough Tenant Screening
  • No-Hassle Tenant Lease Process
  • Complete Move-In Inspection
  • Aggressive Rent Collection
  • Eviction Protection Program
  • Management of All Maintenance & Repairs
  • Unannounced Drive-By Inspections
  • Comprehensive Move-Out Inspection

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Our Bradenton Property Management services cover more than rent collection and maintenance. We begin managing your property starting with the listing. To demonstrate how comprehensive our services are, we’ve outlined each step from start to finish. You will find that when you trust us to manage your investment property, not only will your investment be well protected, you will rest easier knowing it’s being taken care of by property management experts.

Finding the Right Tenant for Your Bradenton Property

Market Analysis & Marketing

Once you give Sarasota Management & Leasing the privilege of listing your Bradenton property, management of your investment begins.

1: Analyze Market
We will visit your property and do a complete market analysis with pictures and comparative data from other Bradenton properties that have previously rented.

2: Recommend Pricing
Based on the market analysis, we will contact you to discuss pricing strategies and recommended a pricing range for your Bradenton property.

3: Market Property
Once the initial asking price is agreed upon, we will begin to aggressively market your Bradenton property. This includes featuring it on our Sarasota Management & Leasing website with up to 10 pictures, a link to show the property location and links to local information, such as schools and weather. Your property also will be listed in the local Board of Realtors’ MLS, on our partner websites and in local classifieds. Signage is posted where permitted. These are all tactics for marketing your Bradenton property.

Management of these marketing efforts will include monitoring them for effectiveness and revising if needed.

Property Showings & Tenant Screenings

4: Show Property
As part of your Bradenton property management services, we will facilitate all viewings of your property to interested parties.

5: Screen Tenants
All submitted applications that pass an initial review will undergo an extensive resident screening process to determine the applicants’ suitability for your property and determine the overall risk level of applicants. We follow a four-step screening process:

  • Credit history check
  • Criminal background check
    FBI’s Most Wanted list, National Terrorist database, statewide Department of Corrections records and Sexual Predator list
  • Employment and income verification check
  • Interviews with previous landlords

Tenant Lease Process

6: Design Lease to Protect Owner
Once an applicant has been successfully screened and determined to be a good match for your Bradenton property, a top Florida landlord tenant attorney will draw up a lease that will protect your interests from many of the legal risks of rental property ownership.

7: Facilitate lease signing
We will have the tenant sign the lease and then forward it to your current residence, or location of choice, for your signature.

Move-In Inspection

8: Inspect Property Prior to Move-In
Prior to the property being occupied, a thorough move-in inspection of the property will be performed and the condition carefully documented by the Bradenton Property Manager. This detailed inspection will ensure that any damage caused by tenant neglect will be properly charged against the tenant’s security deposit at the end of the lease.

Managing Property and Tenant Issues During the Lease Term

Rent Collection and Eviction Protection Program

Once the tenant takes occupancy, more Bradenton property management services begin including:

9: Collect and Distribute Rent to Owners
Rent is paid by the tenant into our state regulated trust account and disbursed to owners on the 10th of each month. Owners can view their property statements 24/7 by accessing their own secure page on our website. Questions about statements can be sent via email and will be promptly responded to by Sarasota Management & Leasing staff.

10: Issue Late Notices for Non-Payment
Rent is due the first day of each month, and late after the 5th. If rent is not received by the 10th, a three-day notice is issued, which is the first step in a legal eviction. At this time, the rent is usually paid.

11: File Evictions for Non-Payment
If the rent is not paid at the end of the three-day period, an eviction notice is filed. If the tenant is able to come up with the money for the rent and reimbursement of legal costs, they are required to sign a stipulation agreement stating that if they get behind again, they waive the right to eviction proceedings and would be entitled to an immediate writ of possession.

If they cannot come up with sufficient funds to "buy off" the eviction, we proceed with the eviction until the house is vacated, at which time we would make a claim against the tenant’s deposit and any other escrowed funds that we may have to compensate you for any loss.

Although the vast majority of tenants do not require evictions, especially after our extensive tenant screening process, a tenant may fall on hard times and their circumstances change. In this case, it is critical to get the property back on the market as soon as possible to protect your cash flow.

Ultimately, we are happy to work with a tenant who has temporarily fallen behind and is making every effort to communicate with us and catch up; however, it is important to maintain control of the situation in a professional manor.

12: Deliver Peace of Mind with Eviction Protection Program
To further protect our owners from interruptions to cash flow due to evictions, we have created a unique program called our Eviction Protection program. Eviction Protection is an optional program for only $9 per month. If an eviction is required, all legal expenses are covered including attorney fees and court filing fees. This program is designed to give our owners peace of mind knowing that this potential negative scenario will not cost them their investment.

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and repairs are handled in an efficient and professional manor to minimize costs while keeping your investment property in good, rentable condition. These services include:

13: Receive Maintenance & Repair Requests
Tenants may notify us of maintenance issues via the Sarasota Management & Leasing website, or a 24-hour emergency maintenance hotline.

14: Respond to Maintenance & Repair Requests
Our experienced Bradenton property managers will determine whether a maintenance call is necessary or if a tenant can correct the problem with some guidance over the phone. If a maintenance call is required, the property manager determines whether a lower priced vendor, such as a handy man, can handle the request or if a more experienced, licensed contractor, such as a plumber, air conditioning tech, etc., needs to be called.

All vendors sent to your property are covered by workers comp and liability insurance. This is an important consideration in order to protect an owner from potential injury liability or accidental damage to the property.

Our maintenance company, House Calls Maintenance, Inc., provides our owners with low-cost solutions for necessary maintenance by providing quick and effective repairs whenever possible to minimize the cost while maintaining the quality of your investment and keeping the tenant(and source of revenue) comfortable and happy.

Lastly, all of our Bradenton property management agreements include a clause limiting how much money can be spent on maintenance or repairs at your property without your permission.

Unannounced Drive-By Inspections

15: Perform Random Inspections
During the course of the lease, we want to make sure that the tenant is taking good care of your property and not letting it become an eyesore in the neighborhood. Therefore, we do periodic drive-by inspections as well as interior walk-throughs to look for maintenance issues, such as moldy grout in the showers or leaks under sinks due to tenant damage or neglect.

Closing Out the Lease Term

Lease End Services

16: Final Move-Out Inspection
At the end of the lease, a final inspection is performed by the Bradenton Property Manager. The results are compared to the initial move-in inspection to verify if charges need to be made against the tenant’s security deposit. If there are damages, it is essential that Florida statutes regulating security deposits be followed to ensure your right to make the claim is protected.

Let Sarasota Management & Leasing Manage Your Bradenton Property

Cost Effective Services that Deliver Peace of Mind

Owning rental property can be a rewarding and profitable experience if the property is managed properly, and that’s where we come in. For property owners, trying to manage a rental property remotely or in addition to managing your career and family can be stressful and costly. Consider if you have the time and expertise to perform all of the above steps…repeatedly. If the answer is no to any one of those steps, call a Bradenton property management expert at Sarasota Management & Leasing.

The cost for Bradenton property management services provided by Sarasota Management & Leasing is one month’s rent (taken from the tenant’s first payment) plus 7 percent of the rent per month for the term of the property management agreement.

If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to entrust your property investment to us, call 941-377-8400 or email

Letters of recommendation from current owners and brochures are available upon request.

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