Use this mortgage calculator to determine the monthly financing expense of a prospective rental investment property. Plug the mortgage payment into your Return on Investment (ROI) calculations in order to determine whether a rental property in Sarasota Florida is a good investment.

Keep in mind that owning a successful rental property begins with making a good purchase. It is critical to apply accurate estimates of rental income and expenses so that you do not find yourself in a negative cash flow position.

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Current mortgage rates are at or near historical lows providing the smart investor unique opportunities to purchase investment properties with lower than normal financial carrying charges.

Many different variables must be considered when purchasing rental investment property including: location, local economy, local rental rates, local employment rates, marginal tax rates, capital gains tax, expertise of rental oversight, condition of the property, local rental market, finance costs, insurance costs and finally purchase price.

Our Investment Acquisition Specialists are experienced and knowledgeable to help you locate quality investment properties by taking into consideration all of the above factors in order to increase the odds of your success.

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