Protecting Your Bradenton Investment Property with a Detailed Move-In Inspection

Before we hand over the keys to your new Bradenton resident, we want to conduct a thorough move-in inspection of the property. This is our best opportunity to carefully document the condition of the home before your residents take possession. This detailed inspection will ensure that any damage caused by resident neglect will be properly charged against the resident’s security deposit at the end of the lease.


Documenting Your Rental Property Condition

Our main reason for conducting this inspection is to make sure the property is ready for occupancy. No one wants to move into a home that immediately needs repairs, so we take the time that’s required to make sure everything is functioning and available to the residents. During this inspection, our checklist includes:

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  1. Checking that all the appliances are clean and working.
  2. Testing the toilets, tubs, showers, and sprinklers.
  3. Ensuring there’s a clean air filter and new batteries in smoke detectors.
  4. Opening every closet and drawer. 
  5. Checking for safety hazards like loose handrails, bumpy sidewalks, and broken windows.
  6. Inspecting the landscaping.
  7. Confirming the home has been professionally cleaned.

We know that a smooth and stress-free move-in experience is an important part of establishing and maintaining a good resident relationship.


Sharing a Detailed Inspection Report

While we are inspecting the property prior to move-in, you can expect us to take hundreds of pictures and to make detailed notes. We want to make sure that every part of your property is well-documented. At the end of the lease term, we’ll use all this information to compare the condition of the property then to the way it looks now – before your residents begin to use the home. This will help prevent security deposit disputes and hold your residents accountable for any damage they may cause at your property.

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You’ll receive a complete report, with pictures, notes, and any recommendations we might have.

This is part of the Sarasota Leasing & Management process. We deliver detail and peace of mind.



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