Lease enforcement is one of the major responsibilities of any property management company. Your lease agreement is in place to protect you, your property, and your tenant. It spells out all of the requirements and responsibilities of each party and provides a consistent and clear set of answers for any questions that may arise during the lease period.

At Sarasota Management & Leasing, we take enforcing that lease seriously. Today, we’d like to spend some time telling you about what exactly that means for us and for you.

Establishing Positive and Professional Tenant Relationships

The best way to ensure the lease agreement is followed is with communication. We communicate with tenants before, during, and after a tenancy to make sure everything is done properly and each process is completed efficiently. Good tenant relationships lead to on-time rental payments, longer tenancies, and fewer turnover and vacancy costs. Our experience has demonstrated that when tenants feel like we care about them and their rental experience, they’re more willing to pay rent on time, follow the lease terms, and renew year after year. They’re also more willing to tell us when something is wrong or if maintenance is needed.

As soon as your tenant is in place, we establish a respectful relationship with them so we can be sure they’re happy and committed to the lease.

Lease Enforcement Protects your Property

Maintaining the home and providing a safe and habitable living environment is one of the requirements of a landlord or property owner in the lease agreement. As your property managers, we’re accountable for that. So, we maintain the house by responding to emergency and routine repair requests from your tenants. We conduct inspections and pay attention to any preventative maintenance issues that may save you money in the long term. We communicate what we find and we keep you connected with the information we have on your property at all times.

You won’t have to worry about things like rent collection, inspections, or emergency phone calls because we handle all of these things for you. Full-service property management means covering everything associated with your rental property, from start to finish.

We keep your lease compliant with all state, local, and federal laws. We understand the requirements of security deposits in Florida, and when it’s time to renew a lease, we consider the performance of the tenant and the condition of the property before we offer a renewal. If your tenant has had lease violations throughout the tenancy, we are not going to immediately offer them another year.

Our job is to make the rental process as smooth as possible for everyone involved. Making sure your investment grows more and more successful every day is our mission, and we will do whatever we can to make that possible.

A person writing on the paper When you’re looking for a Sarasota property management company, make sure you know how they plan to enforce your lease agreement. If you’d like to hear more about what we can do for you, please contact us at Sarasota Management & Leasing.