Karen Corbridge is our Broker at Sarasota Management and Leasing. While we love managing your investment property, we know that at some point, it’s going to be time for you to sell that rental home. When that time comes, Karen is here to facilitate and navigate the sales process for you successfully.

Preparing Your Sarasota Property for the Sales Market

The first step in the sales process is to get your property market ready. Karen will begin by conducting a thorough market analysis. With our data and our resources, we can come up with the best price point for your property. The price is the first step in marketing your home to prospective buyers.

Once the price range has been established, you can expect to have your property photographed extensively. We’ll present it in the best possible light to the best potential buyers by taking good pictures that capture all the things that make your property special.

In addition to photographs, Karen will conduct a video walk-through. This really showcases your property and all its features. Potential buyers can get an idea of what to expect when they see it, and it’s usually the video that determines whether or not they’ll make an appointment for a showing.

Our team will create a listing and share it on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Realtor.com, Zillow, and other popular home sale sites. We strategize how we market your home, working to attract other potential investors, first-time homebuyers, retirees, and families looking to move into a home. Our goal is to saturate the market, and when a buyer is found, Karen will continue to represent you to negotiate the best sales price.

Addressing Maintenance and Inspection Issues

At Sarasota Management & Leasing, we have relationships in place with reliable and trustworthy vendors and contractors. These relationships ensure that you will get preferential rates and priority service when we are getting your property ready for the sales market. Whether we have to make some small repairs, improve the floors and the lighting, or address any of the items that come up during the inspection, those repairs and updates can be made quickly and cost-effectively.

This ensures your home will be ready when it’s time to close.

Managing Relationships

Working with a professional property managerOur property management experience is as extensive as our real estate sales experience. Because we have good relationships already in place with existing renters, we can better facilitate their cooperation when it’s time to arrange showings for your property.

We specialize in working with out of town investors who are interested in buying or selling investment homes in our area. There are many benefits to working with us when you’re ready to sell your investment property. The advantage to working with us as your rental investment specialist is that we help you attain your goals and maximize your financial success.

We look forward to speaking with you about your local real estate investments. If you have any questions or you’re interested in getting the process started, please contact us at Sarasota Management & Leasing.