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Sarasota Property Management Questions to Ask Beyond Property Management Fees

Scott Corbridge - Wednesday, August 23, 2017

When it comes to Sarasota property management, not all management companies are created equal. Today, we’re sharing a story that demonstrates why property management fees shouldn’t determine how you hire a manager.

Property Management Sarasota: Protecting the Condition of Your Home

Recently, we met with a new owner at her home that had been managed by another company. She lived out of state, and hired a Sarasota property manager because they had lower rates than other companies. When we arrived at her property, we found a complete mess. This was devastating to her because she was going to have to spend thousands of dollars to return the property to a rent ready state. She felt she would be saving a lot of money by hiring a company with low rates, but it ended up costing her more than she imagined. This is pretty common.

Sarasota Property Management Questions

When you’re interviewing a property management company, there are important things to focus on that don’t involve their price or their fees. It’s more important to know how they handle tenants and maintenance. Here are some essential questions to ask when you want to hire a property manager in Sarasota, FL: 
  • Is there a lease in place that’s enforceable? If the tenant is having issues or causing problems, can the management company use the lease to help rectify the issue? 
  • Does the management company do assessments throughout the tenancy? You want to be sure the manager is seeing the inside of the home, and not just driving by it. This will tell you if the lease is being followed and if the home is being cared for. 
  • What kind of relationships does the management company have with vendors? How are maintenance issues handled, and what’s the process when a tenant calls with a repair need? You’re looking for a company that can coach tenants through some minor repairs rather than sending a vendor right away. This saves you money. 
There is so much involved in managing properties, and we’d love to share those things with you. If you have any questions about Sarasota FL property management, please contact us at Sarasota Management & Leasing.

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