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Sarasota Management & Leasing's Showing Process - What You Need to Know

Scott Corbridge - Friday, February 15, 2019

A major part of any rental property marketing plan is the property showing. There is a specific showing process that we use here at Sarasota Management and Leasing, and we want to share the details of that process with you today.

Pre-Qualifying before Showing Your Property

Before we agree to show your property to a prospective tenant, we do a degree of pre-qualification while we’re talking to those interested parties. We gather a little bit of information to confirm their identity and schedule a showing appointment. All of this is done through a third party. The company that we use sends property information to the leasing agent in our office, confirming whether the property is vacant or if it’s currently occupied by existing tenants.

If the property is occupied, we have the necessary contact information on those tenants, so we call or email them to set up the showing at a time that isn’t inconvenient for them. If the property is vacant, we get all of the necessary lockbox codes as well as any additional information that we need in order to schedule the showing. This includes the property availability date.

Scheduled Showings for Prospective Tenants

The schedules for showings are provided in different categories. The first category is today’s showings, followed by tomorrow’s showings, and then upcoming showings as well as previous showings. This information is provided over the phone 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Vacant property showings are updated frequently due to the fact that there aren’t any tenants in the property that we need to contact prior to the viewings.

If there are existing tenants, we always contact them to confirm the showings and also to give them notice of a showing cancelation. The existing tenants are especially appreciative when we can give them advanced notice of a cancellation due to the fact it does impact their schedules. We try to make the showing process convenient for all parties.

Showing Your Property to Prospective Tenants

We will arrive to the showing 10 minutes ahead of time in order to prepare the property. We turn on all the lights, open the blinds, and open up the patio doors to ensure a lot of light floods into the property. This optimizes the quality of the property. We will bring a printed flyer that comes from our website during the showing to use as a closing document. We will also bring a leasing process disclosure which is a document that defines primarily all the terms that are contained in the lease.

Showing Your Property to Prospective TenantsWe use any information we receive from prospective tenants to make your property more attractive on the market. If a tenant is interested but wants some changes, we request that all interested prospects forward us a list of those improvements so that we can summarize that document, provide it to the owner, and obtain approvals for any changes that need to be made. Same-day showing notes can be added to our property management software, which lets our office personnel know about the overall quality of the prospect as well as how well the overall showing went.

This is how our showing process works. If you have any additional questions about showing a rental property, please do not hesitate to contact us at Sarasota Management and Leasing.

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