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Rental Inspection & Oversight Questions to Ask a Property Manager in Sarasota, FL

Scott Corbridge - Monday, September 4, 2017

There are a series of questions to ask a property manager in Sarasota when you’re interviewing different companies and looking for someone to take care of your rental home. Today, we’re talking about property oversight and sharing some of those great questions to ask.

Property Management Sarasota: The Rental Inspection

Most property managers do a rental property inspection at move in and move out, prior to and at the end of a tenancy. Ask what these inspections consist of, and what they include. Are there written condition reports? You want your property manager to include a lot of photographs that document the condition of the property before a tenant moves in and after a tenant moves out. Beyond that, ask if they are taking a video condition report as well. This type of documentation will help you determine whether there was any damage during the tenancy for which you can withhold the security deposit.

Sarasota Property Management: Inspections during Tenancies

Inspections before move in and after move out are critical, but you also need to know what’s going on at the property during a tenancy. So, ask about the oversight a property manager has in place during a tenancy. Sometimes, managers will do the move in and move out inspections, but they don’t see the home at all while a tenant is in place. This might be fine when the tenant is taking good care of the property. But a lot of times, it doesn’t work out, and you’ll end up with damage or maintenance items that should have been addressed sooner. Discuss what your property manager will do to protect your property during the tenancy. You need to know the tenants are taking care of the home and following the terms of their lease.

These are some of the questions we encourage you to ask any potential manager. If you have any questions about what to ask a property manager in Sarasota or anything pertaining to Sarasota, FL property management, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Sarasota Management & Leasing.

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