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Property Maintenance: Why is It Important? Sarasota Property Management

Scott Corbridge - Wednesday, February 7, 2018

As the Operations Director at Sarasota Management & Leasing, I’ve learned to be an expert in this field by my experience and by seeing what works and what doesn’t. Today, we’re sharing some things that we found work really well with property maintenance and property turns. These are some ideas that can contribute to your rental’s income ability.


Rental Maintenance and Tenant Satisfaction

Making rental property repairs while a tenant is in place is a great choice. If the tenant sees that you want to take care of the home and keep it in great shape, then they will also want to take care of the home and keep it in great shape. They tend to want to stay longer when the house is being maintained consistently. When they stay, you save. The cost to turn a property averages between $1,500 and $2,000. It may be on the lower end or the higher end, but each time a tenant moves out and someone else moves in, you can expect to pay around that much. So, when your tenant enjoys living in your well-maintained property and stays longer, you save money.


Property Maintenance and Flooring

Think about your flooring. On average, the lifespan of carpet is about five years. So, depending on the carpet quality and how much wear and tear is there, you should consider doing new carpet after a tenant moves out and before a new tenant moves in.


Maintaining the Home’s Exterior

When it comes to the exterior of the home, ongoing maintenance is important for the integrity of the property. You may have some cracks due to settling. We encourage you to fill those cracks and to maintain them consistently. Having your property pressure washed every few years is also a good choice. Do a full exterior paint job every 10 years. It maintains your property’s integrity and keeps the home in good shape. 

Rental Property Repairs: Painting the Interior

Often, you can paint the full interior of the home and then just go in and do a touch up during tenant turnovers. That works great. But at a certain point, you want to do a full paint job again. The doors and the trim and walls tend to get nicked up and scratched. Keeping the walls nice and fresh allows the property to look clean and attractive to a potential tenant.


Pay Attention to Landscaping

Landscaping is another important aspect of maintenance. It makes your rental property appealing. So, freshen up the outdoor space during property turns. 

There are lots of other wonderful things that are good to know, and we’d love to share them with you. If you have any questions about rental property repairs or Sarasota property management, please contact us at Sarasota Management & Leasing.

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